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Hello friends, and welcome to our page. The Amish Baby Machine Podcast is a fun and wildly entertaining American pop culture comedy podcast starring Dags and Jeff. The Amish Baby Machine Podcast discusses all things pop culture including TV, gaming, movies, music, food and everything in between. Also, the Amish Baby Machine page features comedy, memes, and our podcast show notes.

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You Won’t Believe What ‘It’ Is! – Episode 168


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The guys are back after a summer hiatus, all fresh and funny. The guys get into the latest pop culture stuff such as the movie ‘It’ and discuss other movies and what they’re watching on Netflix, YouTube. Also powerful commentary on everything else in the news and on the internets. You DO NOT want to miss this great episode!

A Pop Culture Nuclear Blast From the Past – Episode 167


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Dags is reunited with an old cohost and it feels so good.  The guys get into the world of high tech master Elon Musk.  Powerful topics also include TV dinners, cryptozoology, Star Trek, reboot of Predator, the Rock and much much more pop culture goodness.

The American Gods of Food – Episode 166


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The guys are back in the barn to discuss what’s going on in the world. They get into food, as always, with the discussion of  propane vs. charcoal grills and the world of competitive eating. Dags reviews the new show “American Gods” and Johnny Rage reviews “The Circle” and “Life”.  Powerful rants on many other pop culture topics too, so don’t miss it!

The Mother of all Podcasts – Episode 163


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In this episode the guys talk about the world as it teeters on the possible brink of destruction and how they feel about it. The new movie trailers “Aftermath” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Thor: Ragnarok are discussed.  Also on this episode powerful sports and tech rants. Don’t miss this one!



The Ultimate Guide To Movie Reviews 2017 – Episode 162


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In this powerful episode the guys talk all about the movies. The movie Hacksaw Ridge is reviewed and all the latest movie trailers are discussed. Also in depth talk about the deluge of comic book movies and Top Gun 2.  Please support our podcast through Patreon, find out more here now!