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Hello friends, and welcome to our page. The Amish Baby Machine Podcast is a fun and wildly entertaining American pop culture comedy podcast starring Dags and friends.  The  Amish Baby Machine Podcast discusses all things pop culture including TV, gaming, movies, music, food and everything in between.

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The Death of Pop Culture – Episode 193


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The pop culture world was rocked by multiple deaths and the guys pay tribute. Powerful retro TV shows are discussed and epic talk about upcoming movies and more on this episode.

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghostbusters Reboot – Episode 191


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Another big movie episode! The guys talk about the new Ghostbusters 3 movie reboot,  The Netflix movie Bird Box and Keanu Reeves latest movie Replicas.

The Incredible Shrinking Irishman – Episode 190


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The guys go retro and modern with two movie reviews. The 1957 classic ” The Incredible Shrinking man” and ” Creed II. ” Viral video talk and sneak peak at Netflix’s “The Irishman.”

Show Notes For The Giant Claw – Episode 189


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Epic movie “The Giant Claw”

Tom cruise getting wet


The Giant Claw – Episode 189


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On this powerful episode the guys review a great science fiction movie from 1957 “The Giant Claw.” Weird news stories ripped from the headlines and find out what movie franchise Tom cruise was fired from.