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Hello friends and welcome. The Amish Baby Machine Pop Culture Podcast is a comedy pop culture podcast that discusses all things pop culture including TV, gaming, movies, music, food and everything in between. You should subscribe now at the convenient links below. 








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John Wick: Chapter 4 Review



In this episode of “Amazing Pop Culture Podcast”, we discuss the latest pop culture news and then we dive into John Wick Chapter 4, the highly anticipated sequel to the hit action movie franchise.

John Wick Chapter 4 picks up where the previous movie left off, with John on the run and a bounty on his head. We delve into the new characters that are introduced in this installment and their motivations in the story.

Next, we analyze the film’s action scenes, which are a hallmark of the John Wick franchise. We agree that the action in this movie is even more intense and exhilarating than before, with Keanu Reeves once again delivering a standout performance.

We also discuss the film’s pacing, cinematography, and overall direction. Of course, we can’t talk about John Wick without mentioning the incredible choreography and stunt work. We dive into the behind-the-scenes process of creating the film’s intricate fight scenes and discuss some of the standout moments that had us on the edge of our seats.

Finally, we wrap up with our overall impressions of the film and whether we would recommend it to others. We also speculate on where the franchise could go next and what we hope to see in future installments.

The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker



In this episode of Amazing Pop Culture Podcast, we delve into the fascinating story of the documentary “The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.” The documentary tells the true story of Kai, a hitchhiker who gained viral fame after he saved a woman from a violent attacker with a hatchet.

White Boy



In this episode of “Amazing Pop Culture Podcast” We review Coca-Cola’s new flavor “Move.”

Moving onto the second topic, we discuss the song “Dirty White Boy” by the rock band Foreigner.

Finally, we dive into the 2017 documentary “White Boy,” which tells the story of Richard Wershe Jr., a teenager from Detroit who became an undercover informant for the FBI in the 1980s and eventually got caught up in the city’s drug trade.

So, join us for this episode as we explore the intersection of pop culture, society, and history.

Iconic Movie Roles Turned Down By Mega Stars



In this episode of “Amazing Pop Culture Podcast, we’re going to dive into the world of Hollywood and explore some of the most famous actors who turned down roles on iconic movies. We’ll examine the impact that these decisions had on the careers of the actors who made them, as well as the legacy of the films that they missed out on.

We’ll discuss actors like Al Pacino, who turned down the role of Han Solo in “Star Wars” 

We’ll also talk about a song that has taken the internet by storm – “Wellerman”. Made famous on TikTok, this sea shanty has become a viral sensation, with countless remixes and covers being created by users of the platform. We’ll take a closer look at the history and cultural significance of sea shanties, and how this traditional form of music has been adapted and modernized for a new generation.

So whether you’re a fan of classic cinema or modern music trends, join us for this episode of our podcast as we explore the fascinating world of Hollywood and pop culture.

Repo Man



In this episode, we dive into two major departures from the norm: the album “Departure” by the legendary rock band Journey and the cult classic film “Repo Man” from 1984. “Departure” marked a turning point for Journey as they moved away from their signature sound towards a more progressive rock style. We’ll examine how this album influenced the band’s trajectory and why it remains a beloved and influential work in their discography.

Next, we’ll delve into the world of “Repo Man”, a film that defied conventions and expectations for a Hollywood movie. With its unique blend of punk rock, science fiction, and dark humor, “Repo Man” remains a cult classic that has inspired generations of filmmakers and fans alike. We’ll discuss the film’s impact on cinema and popular culture, and why it continues to captivate audiences almost four decades after its release.

Join us as we celebrate two departures that have left a lasting impact on music and film.

Heavy Metal Film 1981



In this episode of Amazing Pop Culture Podcast, we take a deep dive into the Canadian cult classic animated film Heavy Metal from 1981. We discuss the film’s unique blend of science fiction and fantasy, as well as its use of hard rock and heavy metal music. This episode is perfect for fans of animated films, science fiction, fantasy, and heavy metal music. Whether you’re a fan of the film or just curious about its impact on the animation industry, you won’t want to miss this in-depth and entertaining discussion.