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Hello friends, and welcome to our page. The Amish Baby Machine Podcast is a fun and wildly entertaining American pop culture comedy podcast starring Dags and friends.  The  Amish Baby Machine Podcast discusses all things pop culture including TV, gaming, movies, music, food and everything in between.

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The Incredible Shrinking Irishman – Episode 190


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The guys go retro and modern with two movie reviews. The 1957 classic ” The Incredible Shrinking man” and ” Creed II. ” Viral video talk and sneak peak at Netflix’s “The Irishman.”

Show Notes For The Giant Claw – Episode 189


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Epic movie “The Giant Claw”

Tom cruise getting wet


The Giant Claw – Episode 189


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On this powerful episode the guys review a great science fiction movie from 1957 “The Giant Claw.” Weird news stories ripped from the headlines and find out what movie franchise Tom cruise was fired from.

The Vote of a Lifetime – Episode 187


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Dags and Johnny Rage are forced to talk about voting.  The latest movie about subs “Hunter Killer” is discussed. Iconic TV houses are in the news and the guys break it down for the listeners. Also a new prank phone call is featured.

Halloween: Season of The Sequel – Episode 186


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On this scary episode the guys review two horror movies, “Halloween” 2018 and the 1964 film “The Last man On Earth.” Other topics including a Chinese artificial moon, hologram concerts and thoughts on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


Conor Vs Venom – Episode 185


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On this powerful episode the guys discuss the big fight between Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.  The movie “Venom” is reviewed along with White Castle’s Impossible burger.  Another fun filled episode you shouldn’t miss.

Been a Long Time Since I Rant And Rolled – Episode 184


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On this powerful episode the guys talk horror movies and review “The Collector.” White Castle has a new lab created vegan burger that the guys dig into. And of course various rants and ramblings pop up.