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Wild win a playoff series!! Highly enjoyable! Aside from the refs DP’ing our anooos, it was pretty badass. Now playing the Blaaaaackhaaaawks, down 2 games to zero. Team should be flying home to the mighty X right now. Game 3, some big-time stuff. Us Wild fans will know in a heartbeat if we got a shot in this series, or when it comes to vs the Blaaaackhaaaawks we are shit… What a team them B’hawks are. I will dare to say a dynasty. If they can get past our Wild I think a Cup Finals re-match is 80% likely.

Starting next year, our Wild will step up to their elite level. The team expects to have $22million + of cap space!! If we spend this $ right, on a head-cracking scary defensemen or two, and re-sign Matt Moulson or snag Thomas Vanek as a free agent we can become division winners, and I could see a matchup vs the damn Hawks for a chance to go compete in those Cup Finals. METAL!!! One thing we have to avoid though, is spending big bucks on a goalie. If you look at a lot of the last group of NHL champions a lot of them had young cheap

Goaltending. Those dudes are so damn weird often one just comes out of nowhere and DOMINATE (I.E. Anti Niemi, Cam Ward, Corey Crawford…)

Wild have a great combo of veterans still in their primes, and an elite young group, all of which are signed or restricted free agents (team can match any offer another team offers those type players) for the 2015 season. Forwards with age opening night 2015…
Zach Parise 30
Mikko Koivu 30
Jason Pominville 32

Less important members of this age bracket
Matt Cooke 36
Kyle Brodziak 30

Young dudes poised to ascend even further
Mikael Granlund 21
Charlie Coyle 21
Erik Haula 22
Nino Niederreiter 22

Hopefully on or BOTH on our team next year
Matt Moulson 30
Thomas Vanek 30

Key Defensemen….
Ryan Suter 29
Jared Spurgeon 24
Jonas Brodin 21

Dude who might continue to get better, Marco Scandella 24

There are more young/un-established dudes that hopefully will continue to get better that I  Have omitted, not worth listing entire roster when these types do not have solidified spots. Which brings me to goalies, not sure what to expect here, after all the Wild used 5 goalies this year. 3 is usually a high amount. Guess my hope is that Darcy Kemper is starter. Fills that cheap whatnot I was talkin bout. Ideally Josh Harding and Grandpa Nickalas Backstrom retire. Poor Harding, obviously just can’t stay healthy now that he has MS. Sad stuff.

A little prediction here… Would love to see this for top forward lines next year!!
Parise, Grandlund, Vanek
Niederreiter, Koivu, Pominville
Moulson, Coyle, Haula
Defensemen pairs
Suter, Spurgeon
Brodin Niskanen (free agent to be, MN born, hopeful we fit him into plans)
BRIAN ELLIOIT!! Just discovered he is a free agent to be. LOVE this dude. Would be able to sign him
To somewhat low salary.
Kemper as backup…
Future bright as hell for Wild!!

Amish Baby Machine lead sports reporter Big Mott signing off…
Remember, listen to as much GD death metal as you can, and eat
Lots of doughnuts.

Big Mott